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Quality Business Cards Brisbane


Make your business stand out with our Premium and Luxury Cards



Whether you are a brand new business or an established one, you know your business card will reflect your company when you hand it out, so you want a card that has great design, colours, and fonts that “fit” your business.  Perhaps you have experimented with different styles and colours yourself, or you may be one of the many who just know what you like when you see it produced.


Either way, just contact Technoscan and we will make it a pleasant, and even fun experience.  Think about the company colours you would like, whether you want a minimalist look, a fun theme, a modern or classic look, your budget, and even the size of the card.  We are finding the slightly smaller card sizes of 90 x 50 mm, or even 90 x 45mm are becoming popular as they fit wallet slots better.


Technoscan has provided our services in printing business cards in Brisbane for a huge range of customers, as we have developed a reputation for designing and printing some of the best business cards in Brisbane. We recommend that you invest in a high quality business card.  It has been proven over the years that   “we get what we pay for” and for this reason Technoscan prefers to sell top quality products.


A 350 gsm celloglazed card presents a solid, professional look for your business, and is highly affordable, however we have three grades to choose from to suit your requirements and  budget, while maintaining our high standards.


Budget Cards are 300 GSM with no extras and are really useful for loyalty cards – prices start at $104 per 1000.

Premium Cards are 350 gsm,  with matt or gloss celloglaze.  From $134 per 1000

Luxury Cards are the 350 – 400 gsm cards with options such as rounded corners, silver printing, foiling, and our wonderful raised Scodix varnish for real impact.  Scodix cards printed both sides with scodix on one side are $220 for 500 or $280 for 1000

Our talented graphic artist can design the card for you, and also create the “branding” for  your business, through Letterheads, With Compliment slips, Notepads, Envelopes etc. For fees, see our Graphic Design page.  Alternatively, if you have a print ready file just email it to ann@technoscan.com.au, and we can start production straight away.


Once you email us the printing file we start the manufacturing process, it can take as little as 24 hrs for budget cards, or 5 working days for scodix and metal finishes.  Contact the team at Technoscan with any queries you may have. We’re always happy to chat with customers over the phone, and provide any assistance required.