Digital Printing
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Digital printing is the ideal solution for small to medium runs of prints.  There is no setup cost apart from ensuring the printing file is suitable, and there is a huge range of products to choose from as far as stock is concerned.

Digital printing is literally printing a digital image directly onto a stock via the printer’s RIP software.  It can be a toner-based photocopier, or large format printers (over A3 size) using aqueous, latex, or solvent inks. All of these inks have different attributes, and to a large extent the size and intended use of the print will dictate the method of printing and the type of ink.

Aqueous inks are the standard inkjet ink water based, with pigment or dye colouring.  The most common are pigment inks, and they provide a great colour gamut and very fine printing, but essentially are not waterproof unless laminated.

Latex inks are also water-based, but the printing process in simple terms dries up the water, and melts the latex colouring.  It is waterproof, but the range of stock to print on is more limited, however generally they carry wider rolls of paper.

Solvent inks actually penetrate the stock; they are waterproof, more UV stable and there are a large range of products to print on, including outdoor banners and mesh fencing.  In general they are larger industrial machines which carry much wider rolls for large prints.

So, if digital printing is so great why do we have other forms, such as lithograph (offset) printing?

In a word – numbers. When printing digitally there comes a certain point where the price of each unit will cost the same – this point can alter depending on other factors such as finishing.  Digital prints are not competitive in price when the runs are large, for instance 10,000 DL flyers printed in colour both sides printed digitally would be 3 times the price of an offset run with the same specifications.

Technoscan staff will guide you every step of the way when it comes to printing, and getting the very best results, so don’t be nervous, call  (07)3848 9388 and tell us about your printing project.  We will ensure you love the finished product.