Laminating and Celloglazing
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Laminating and Celloglazing in Brisbane

Technoscan provides an excellent laminating service.  Whether you get us to print your graphic or supply your own poster, we can laminate a small run while you wait – all we need is 30 minutes notice so we can have the machine up to temperature when you arrive.  We use high quality 100 micron gloss for most of our work, however we stock matt laminate as well.  Gloss laminate will enhance the colours in your poster, and make the bright colours really “pop”  while matt gives a more modern softer appearance.  However it does tend to dull the colours a little so always opt for gloss if you want maximum impact.  Our maximum lamination width is 950 mm.

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Laminating may also be done on small format prints such as menus. Here you will have the option of 100 micron fully encapsulated prints which will give a rigid feel, or 35 micron celloglaze which is very light, and trimmed to the edge of the print.  This is used for menus that are folded, business cards, presentation folders and many other items where a softer feel is preferable. Our maximum celloglaze width is 300 mm.

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