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Plan Printing

Technoscan has been a leader in this field since our beginnings as a digital Scanner and Printer over 35 years ago.


Our pricing structure caters for the varying numbers of prints required by Home owners, Students, Architects, Subcontractors and Developers.


Our reliable machines pump out quality prints ready for pickup or courier – we can also send to a third party on your behalf to save you time.


Send your files by emailing direct to the printroom on print@technoscan.com.au, Dropbox or We Transfer and ensure you include all information as to how many copies, what size, B&W or colour, and when they are required.


Tender packs are a specialty, whether paper or electronic. Send us your register and we will take care of everything, while you get on with other work.


Make sure you know what size your plans are. Sounds simple, but some sites have a mixture of A1, B1, A0 and A3 If you request a full set of A1, and the plan is scaled to B1, we can certainly print them, but they won’t be to scale.



Originals scanned in mono and full colour in all sizes from A0 to A4 ready for printing, burning to disc, USB or emailing.

Filing Systems       

Keep your plans in order, and free of damage with a mobile filing system. The black powder coated mobile trolleys come as an easily assembled flat pack in two types – A2 which is a double tier, and holds 40 x A2 plans, or A0 which is a single tier, holding 20 plans in A1, B1 or A0 sizes.


The Clamps come in sizes A2, A1, B1 and A0    



Contact us now to get a quote, or order