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Wheelie Bin Skins


Technoscan Bin Skins


Wheelie Bin Skins are large stickers printed on quality adhesive vinyl, and can be cleaned with soapy water at any time, if required.  Bin Skins are a great idea, and brighten up the neighbourhood with your own photos or our designs, and business owners can advertise their products and services on their bins – great exposure for a $20 outlay. Supply your own images or we can create a personalised sticker with your address.  Buy a  matching letter box sticker for an additional $5


Mini Bins


We also have stickers for the 60 litre bins used inside the home for toy bins, and storage.  These can be named, to indicate contents; for example Toy Box, Christmas Decorations, Scrapbooking  etc.  They are printed on the same quality vinyl, and are a snip at only $15


Uses for Wheelie Bin Skins


In recent years people have embraced the use of wheelie bin skins for numerous purposes, from backyard cricket stumps, pretty pictures, business advertisements, advertising clubs or music groups, to prompting public awareness of non for profit organisations.

Many schools have used the stickers as a means of fund raising, with Ironside State School at St Lucia displaying their values underneath a variety of pictures.  An impressive sight with them all lined up in a row.


Recently a road safety initiative called 50 in My Street was launched in Buderim to remind motorists of the local speed limit by means of wheelie bin skins. Bright yellow stickers were placed on wheelie bins in notorious “rat run” areas, and locals said there was a noticeable difference in driver behaviour since their installation. The campaign was successfully trialled in Glenfields, and has since spread to other streets in Buderim.

Forest Lake is also on board with 40 In My Street  and 50 In My Street stickers.

Police staff in Maroochydore said the 50 in My Street was an important community driven program that reinforces the danger of speed in the community, and can effect significant positive changes on our streets.
If you are interested in a similar initiative, please contact us, we welcome the opportunity to assist your community.


Recently we donated a banner for the Walk For William Day.  As a parent, grandparent, and greatgrandparent, I can only imagine the utter misery and desperation the parents of little William Tyrell must be experiencing.  To have your child simply disappear for a year is the stuff of nightmares, but to actually have to live each day not knowing where your little boy is – that is sheer torture.  There have been too many tragedies; Daniel, William, and Tialeigh to name just three.


With this in mind we have created a range of two wheelie bin skins to promote child safety.  Some may view this as a confronting image, but child abduction is even more confronting, ruining so many lives forever.  Be proactive, order a skin today and raise child safety awareness in your neighbourhood.